Another day, another Iron Man 2tidbit. Another day, another key aspect of a major film revealed/spoiled by toy companies! This time it's Tony Stark's Mark VI suit, which we can safely assume is faster, stronger and more intense than the suit we saw in the first film. We can also safely assume that this new suit exists so youngsters will be compelled to lay down their meager allowances so they can have everything Iron Man. And by youngsters, I mean grown adults who collect toys.

But I'm not here to judge! Let's talk about this new suit, shall we?

The most obvious update is the triangular chest piece while everything else is a little more subtle. To my untrained eyes, it seems a little more streamlined and a little less bulky, but other than that, it's friggin' Iron Man. Any Tony Stark aficionados out there want to let me know what else is new here?

Iron Man 2 (or Iron 2 Man, as the trailers insist) is only a few months away. In terms of sheer summer fun, it's feeling like the movie to beat. Head on over to Marvel's official site to check out a nice big version of the armor.
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