I'm not sure if it's worse to see A Quiet Little Marriage if you haven't decided whether or not you want to have kids, or if you have. But as a provocative portrait of marital disharmony, Mo Perkins takes the idea of dissenting opinions about child-rearing to its ultimate, dramatic end in his feature directorial debut. Mary Elizabeth Ellis, probably best known as Charlie's crush object 'the waitress' on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, plays a hopeful mother whose bid for a baby is scuttled when her husband's troubled family history prompts him to deny her plea for them to start a family.

Olive (Ellis) and Dax (Cy Carter) are happily married, but not without problems: her father Bruce (Michael O'Neill) suffers from Alzheimer's, and his brother Jackson (Jimmi Simpson) is at least a borderline alcoholic who comes around only when he needs money. After Bruce accidentally slugs a nurse during one of his bouts of senility, Olive begins to contemplate her future with Dax, and proposes they have a baby. Dax refuses categorically, so she decides to take the decision out of his hands by sabotaging her diaphragm. But when he discovers her plan, Dax decides to put birth control pills into her morning coffee; eventually, the mutual deception causes their relationship to deteriorate, culminating in a fight that not only jeopardizes the prospect of children, but the future of their marriage.
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