A few weeks ago, we reported that Steven Spielberg was making his big return to television via an alien invasion series. Spielberg making a project about aliens? What's next? Another project about dinosaurs?

Oh. Would you look at that!

It looks like FOX is working on a little series called Terra Nova, and by little I mean so huge and expensive that it's going to be cheaper to immediately greenlight it rather than shoot a pilot. The series would follow a futuristic family traveling back in time 150 million years to do God knows what. But there will be action and excitement and dinosaurs and lions and tigers and bears -- oh my!

A show about a family unit up against dinosaurs? It sounds like the kind of thing Spielberg would be giddy to jump aboard. That's why FOX is after him as an executive producer. No official deal is in place, but there is enough talk going on to get Variety reporting about it. If there is one thing your epic dinosaur project could use, it's the name Spielberg and the respect and enthusiasm that comes attached to it (and the fact you can advertise with the phrase "From the man who brought you Jurassic Park and The Lost World").

The pilot was written by Craig Silverstein and Kelly Marcel, who were trying to sell it do British television before FOX snatched it up. No showrunner is in place, but once the executive producer seats are filled, we'll surely be hearing more. If this thing goes forward, I can imagine Terra Nova being advertised down our throats in a major way.
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