It figures! You spend all of ten minutes designing a fancy graphic for the show-down for The A-Team and The Losers, and they call off the fight! Warner Bros. has moved the release date of The Losers back to April, though they won't be resuming their old spot of April 9. They'll be hitting theaters on April 23, giving it some breathing room fromClash of the Titans and its 3D makeover on April 2.

Test screening reports have been very positive on the film (several Cinematical readers were there, and had good things to say about it) so I don't think its release date dance is a reflection of the film. I think it's more likely that studio executives realized that average moviegoers were going to get the marketing all muddled. This could have played to The Losers' advantage given their earlier release date -- "Honey, let's go see that A-Team movie! The Star Trek girl is in it!" -- but it also could have hurt it. People have limited movie funds, after all, and name recognition is a powerful thing.

Now The Losers will be the only embattled mercenaries of their month. As of today, their only competition is MacGruber and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Once again, they'll face off with nostalgia ("Let's see what Gordon Gecko is up to, dear!") but now there's a little something for everyone that weekend. Oh, for the good old days when movies just came out on any given weekend, regardless of who was there and waiting ....

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