You've done it -- you've won an Oscar. So now what do you do with it?

For such a coveted prize, Oscar sure does find his way into some odd places. A hen house? The refrigerator? One surprisingly favorite spot: the bathroom, which doesn't exactly seem like the best place to keep the Golden Guy. (They can rust, as Jodie Foster found out.)

Even odder, several stars have given theirs away or, worse, lost track of their Oscars completely. A handful have been stolen, but since the Academy forbade the sale of the statuettes in 1950, good luck on finding a buyer.

Many Oscars end up, as you'd expect, on display in a trophy case or a handy bookcase where friends and family can grab it and give their own acceptance speeches, although there are apparently quite a few Oscars tucked away in sock drawers or boxed up in storage.

Read on to see what stars like Nicolas Cage, Jamie Foxx, Emma Thompson and Angelina Jolie have done with their Oscars.
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