So you win a special lottery and the prize is a trip to a space station. Vacation of a lifetime, right? Maybe, but that's before everything goes completely wrong and you're trapped in a damaged module with no way to escape and your time is running out!

If this sounds like a good source of drama to you, that's because it is. It's the plot of Final Orbit, a 20th Century Fox joint set to be directed by John Moore and produced by sci-fi friendly former Mrs. James Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd. And of course, it's based on a graphic novel.

Although Hurd has produced her fair share of stinkers (although her eclectic filmography is a sight to behold) and Moore's previous work (Max Payne and the remake of The Omen) didn't exactly make me soil myself with glee, there's something about this concept that really clicks with me. Maybe because, at least in a broad overview, it feels like a potentially intimate and terrifying human drama where space is treated like something that will kill you. We're so used to science fiction stories where space travel is a casual thing that sometimes we forget that we're talking about an infinite void that is entirely incapable of supporting the existence of a living thing. Now that's frightening.

Since I have no idea what direction this film is going to take, I'm going to reserve judgment and keep my big mouth shut until I hear more. Hear that, John Moore? I'm ready to forgive Max Payne if you deliver to me a solid sci-fi thriller!

(This apparently originated via Production Weekly, but I got the details on the ever-reliable Dark Horizons)
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