When news broke last year that CineTel Films was planning a remake of Meir Zarchi's infamous 1978 exploitation film I Spit on Your Graveit became obvious that nothing was safe from getting a reboot. Zarchi's film isn't the most extreme or disturbing movie in the world, but to mainstream audiences it's about as hardcore and awful as it gets. To learn that it was being remade was one more shred of evidence convincing me that we live in some very strange times...

Had the story ended there, it would have been weird enough. It doesn't though--THR is now reporting that the remake has been acquired by the horror and exploitation lovers over at Anchor Bay. The company has landed the distribution rights for Steven R. Monroe's film in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K. and New Zealand. The official plan is to give the title a targeted theatrical release this fall, then a full-scale DVD launch early next year. Yes, you read that right--somewhere in America, people are going to be able to walk into a theater and see an updated version of I Spit on Your Graveon the big screen. How cool is that?

According to the scant plot details we've heard so far, the remake appears to be staying faithful to the source material. A young woman from the city heads to a cabin in the country to work on her novel. She's raped and tortured by some local fellows and then sets out on a quest for bloody retribution.

So, would you go see an I Spit on Your Grave remake on the big screen? Sound off in the comment section.
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