There's a lengthy (nine-parts) video interview with James Cameronover at MTV in which the Avatarfilmmaker discusses pretty much everything you'd want him to at the moment -- Avatar 2, the Spider-Man reboot, the Terminator franchise, the Oscars, -- and more. My favorite segment (part 6) actually involves Cameron's opinion that Hollywood tends to get stuff wrong. Basically, from the way he sees it, his game changer isn't really a game changer; it's just a new game for everyone to cheat at.

"They assume from the success of [Avatar] that they can then turn movies into 3-D in eight weeks," Cameron says. "It should be a filmmaker-driven process, not a studio-driven process. Now it's getting crammed down from above. It should have been the other way around."

He partially refers to the upcoming Clash of the Titans, which stars Avatar's Sam Worthington and which is being retro-fitted for 3-D despite not being shot in or for the format. His acknowledgment that the Grammys also got 3-D wrong and the inference that we're in for lots more shoddy exploits reminds me of how all the terrible, cheap and half-assed CG effects that have come with wannabe blockbusters in the two decades since the groundbreaking innovations of Cameron's Terminator 2.

What I unfortunately don't agree with Cameron on is the belief that people won't stand for such low-quality followers. The success of so many films that should have featured better and more careful effects (including my old stand-by example, LOTR: Return of the King), goes to show that audiences are fine with settling. Still, I appreciate that he urges filmmakers to keep evolving rather than making the same mistakes over and over for ten years.

Check out some more choice quotes from the interview after the jump.
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