Yes, he has a fist that launches! Yes, he has wheels on his feet! Yes, he's two feet tall! Yes, he signifies the return of a beloved toy line, after an absence of over 25 years!

It's the Super Shogun Star Wars Stormtrooper, a $300 throwback to the days of the 1970's Shogun Warriors action figures with a Star Wars twist. When I was a kid, I had a Shogun Warrior Godzilla and a Goldorak in the larger sized 24-inch variety and a few of their smaller die-cast metal brethren, as well as piles upon piles of Star Wars figures. If I could buy this and then travel back in time to 1979 and hand deliver it to myself, I totally would.

Keep this site bookmarked for the day that Super 7's Super Shogun Star Wars Stormtrooper goes on presale.

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