Prepare yourselves, Twihards. You can now snuggle up in bed with a full-sized Robert Pattinson by your side. Or maybe you're a card-carrying member of Team Jacob and would rather climb under the sheets with a stuffed Taylor Lautner? If you're feeling extra-frisky, I say go for both. Menage-a-Twi.

Introducing the Twilight Saga "manllow" - half-man, half-pillow. I'm not feeling brave enough to get the Twilight fans all stirred up today, but can't they even admit these are just the teensiest bit creepy? And I don't mean in a vampire and werewolf way ("HE'S NOT A WEREWOLF! HE"S A SHAPESHIFTER!"...I know). I mean in an OMG-what-the-hell-is-that-giraffe-necked-THING-doing-in-your-bed kind of way.

Manllow's Etsy store says they're "helping the lonely women of the world, one manllow at a time." I'm not making fun. I'm patiently waiting for my Ashley Greene and Bryce Dallas Howard womanllows. My lonely nights are OVER, folks.

(via Worst Previews)

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