The news that Andrea Arnold was going to helm the new Wuthering Heightsgave a regular ol' literary period piece a whole new world of promise. Not only has she created some killer films, but she has also said that it's the only book she'd ever want to bring to the big screen. Now, that promise has got a foul stench of OMG we need rabid fans like Twi-hards desperation. According to Deadline Hollywood: "Now, a new version of Wuthering Heights will be rebooted as a Twilight story of forbidden teenage love with a cast of unknown to give the Ecosse Films pic a new young audience. So believes producer Kevin Loader who told me this is the most exciting spin on the UK classic he can imagine."

On the surface, this might sound noble. A studio wanting to usher in new talent and make a classic piece of literature more desirable to a new, young audience? Huzzah! But that's not quite the case. Twi-hards and voracious teen readers and fans of forbidden teen love are already well aware of Emily Brontë's book. It's Bella's favorite. The books not only reference the novel -- they also quote from it. That pic to the right holds the nifty little label: "Bella & Edward's Favorite Book." Maybe I'm wrong, but it sounds a lot like the studio going a new way with the project, rather than Arnold bringing new ideas to the table. Will we soon learn of her departure?

Being a die-hard fan of the novel, methinks Bella herself would be mighty unpleased, and call me crazy, but I think teens and Twi-hards can handle Wuthering Heights without a "reboot."
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