Emmy-nominated writer and director Drew Daywalt has written screenplays with Tony Scott, Jerry Bruckheimer and other Hollywood big shots, but his heart is where the horror is. Drew has been creating some creeptastical short films under the Daywalt Fear Factory label for some time now and has worked with the maniacs at the horror troupe, FEWDIO, who have found success with their Nightmare House anthology of horror shorts produced specifically for the mobile and web viewing. FEARnet knows a good thing when they see it and have invited the filmmaker to blog about his experiences in the horror genre.

Daywalt recently released two horror shorts, Suicide Girl and There's No Such Thing, which you can check out after the jump. Both are under four minutes long and manage to deliver more scares than it takes some films 120 minutes to do. Suicide Girl tells the story of one woman's suicide video and how it acts as a catalyst for horror from beyond the grave. In There's No Such Thing, a mother and daughter go through the motions of a bedtime ritual that turns from sweet to scary, fast. If you haven't checked out the trailer for Daywalt's demonically delicious web-series, Camera Obscura, then hit the jump for the trailer.

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