Some esteemed actors have built their careers on the foundation of playing exceptionally moral, honorable characters -- Jimmy Stewart, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, and Morgan Freeman, to name a few of moviedom's finest examples of all that's good and heroic. Other actors, well, let's just say they were born to be bad... on screen, at least. Take 'Shutter Island' co-star Max von Sydow, who scares us more than any man enjoying his ninth decade on Earth has any right to.

It's not that actors like von Sydow, Gary Oldman, Jeremy Irons and Alan Rickman can't tackle righteous or sensitive characters; they're all magnificent masters of their craft. Von Sydow has even portrayed Jesus ('The Greatest Story Ever Told') and a man of the cloth in several films (most notably in 'The Exorcist'). But when they're evil, these actors are simply the best. We offer you Hollywood's 10 most eeeevil actors.
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