There's been lots of buzz surrounding Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner. He's been name-dropped for The Avengers and was in talks for Mad Max: Fury Road, but now those hungering to see more of The Hurt Locker star know where they can find him outside of The Town. According to The New York Times, Renner has officially joined The Raven, and may boast Ewan McGregor as his costar.

We haven't heard much about The Raven since James McTeigue claimed the director's chair last August, so having McGregor and Renner confirmed is pretty exciting. The film is a fictional account of poet Edgar Allan Poe's final, mysterious days, and puts him in the middle of a gruesome murder investigation. Last summer, McTeigue told Slashfilm that it was "like the poem, The Raven, itself, crossed with Se7en. It should be pretty cool." Renner is tight-lipped as to what role he will play. He actually resembles a healthy Poe, so I rather hope he's playing the poet himself.

Renner is also in talks to command Peter Berg's Battleship. But schedule conflicts may force him to choose between it and another project he declined to name, though Movieline and an anonymous Playlist commentator are speculating that it could be Paul Thomas Anderson'sThe Master. (No First Avenger: Captain America rumors yet?) Renner seems unruffled by all the scripts pouring in, as he's busy restoring Preston Sturges' house for resale. By his own admission, he's not hurting for money, so he can take the time to pick the good movies. Maybe more actors need to take up construction side jobs.