Someday, I may actually get to travel to the Geek Mecca that is San Diego during Comic-Con week, but until that day, Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock's new film may be the closest I'll come to the controlled chaos of passionate cosplayers, cool comic pros, and movie stars out to shill their latest "event" films.

According to E! Online, Whedon and Spurlock are collaborating on a documentary that will follow a handful of fans and the fans' personal lives in the months leading up to the Comic-Con International: San Diego, an annual event that draws over thirty-thousand attendees. It's a terrific idea for a documentary, but part of me wonders if Whedon is too big of a geek celeb to get a fly-on-the-wall perspective. I don't know if there exists a single genre fan who doesn't have an opinion on Whedon's work, but hopefully Spurlock and Whedon will find that fan and include them in the film. Could you be your normal geek self with Whedon (or for that matter, Spurlock) putting a camera in your face, 24/7?

It's unknown what Whedon and Spurlock's roles will be on this new endeavor, but I look forward to the result. You?
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