After opening weekend box office earnings of approximately $35 million and a hefty production budget of $150 million, Joe Johnston's The Wolfman has its tail tucked somewhat between its legs. Reviews for Universal's remake of the 1941 classic have been mixed, which comes as almost no surprise, after such a troubled production history--including delays, reshoots and editorial changes. The film's score was originally being done by movie maestro Danny Elfman, but Universal swapped him for former Tangerine Dream member, Paul Haslinger (Near Dark) and then ran back to Elfman. As a Moog mogul I was curious about Haslinger's crack at the score and Shock recently posted a sample of his work on their site, which you can listen to after the jump.

Granted, it is hard to imagine Haslinger's harsher sounds completely befitting of the classic, Gothic backdrop of Wolfman, but was Elfman's score really that much more amazing? I recognize Elfman's ability as a composer and like all composers he sounds, well, like himself--but he hasn't delivered something that blew me away in quite some time. Yep, I said it. I think Danny Elfman is regurgitating the same score over and over again and I'm expecting the same old stuff in the upcoming Burton flick, Alice in Wonderland. And while we're at it, Burton has managed to become a total ADD, snooze fest all at once. Bring on the hate.

Listen to Haslinger's clip after the jump. [update: it looks as though the folks at AICN have debunked this story. read on for more info!]
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