When Halcyon announced its impending bankruptcy and how it was planning to auction the rights to the Terminator Franchise, I was like "Ohhh!"

And when Sony and Lionsgate both pursued the rights, I was like "Hmmm."

Then a hedge fund named Pacificor secured the rights, and I was like "Zzzz."

I may be a science fiction fan, but I'm a financial troglodyte and I actually had to Google "hedge fund" to figure out exactly what was going on here, but then I realized I didn't care and went back to watching movies with lasers that go "pew pew!" and robots that go "beep boop."

The news today (via Variety), which borders on being complete non-news, is that Pacificor is being approached by "numerous studios, producers, financiers and agents" regarding their recent acquisition. Sony and Lionsgate are also still after the franchise and talks have happened, but nothing even remotely resembling a deal has taken place and will not take place anytime soon. Naturally, no piece on anything film related would be complete without a reference to 3D, which Pacificor sees as the natural direction to take further sequels.
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