Just the other day Dog Soldiers and The Descent director Neil Marshall had his name attached to a new bit of British horror he was executive producing called The Ghost of Slaughterford. Details were a bit nebulous at that point however, so Marshall reached out to Empire to clear up a few of the finer points.

It looks like Marshall will be re-teaming with Axelle Carolyn (pictured), an actress who popped up in both The Descent 2 (Marshall executive produced) and Centurion (Marshall directed), for Slaughterford. Carolyn will be taking on not on the starring role, but the duty of screenwriter as well. It'll be her first produced screenplay, but considering she was a one time writer for Fangoria and recently wrote It Lives Again: Horror Films in the New Millennium, it's probably fair to say she knows her genre pretty well.

As for the substance of the movie, specifics are still in the shadows, but Marshall was happy to clear up the tone. From Empire, "It's very much in the tradition of classic British horror, from Dennis Wheatley to Hammer via Amicus. There's humour, certainly, as well as romance, horror and tragedy. But mostly it'll be scary as hell."

So, a throwback to Hammer Horror as ushered in by Neil Marshall, eh? Sounds interesting and I'm hardly the biggest fan of the man's body of owrk. Now if we could just get confirmation on a director...
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