One fine day last August, a group of jet-lagged but excited journos got on a bus from London to Longcross Studios in Surrey, UK. Once a giant tank testing ground, it was currently the home to the wardrobe, armory, makeup department, and one of the sets of Clash of the Titans. After an extensive tour of the grounds, where we were shown concept art, a miniature version of Argos City to scale, the makeup studio and photos of the actors going through the painful process of their daily spackling (including one of Heath Ledger with his iconic mouth scars but no other makeup), the armory, and one giant dead Harpy, we settled around some tables to lob questions at producer Kevin De La Noy and stars Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, and Mads Mikkelsen. Later we checked out Argos City and snuck in a few minutes with director Louis Leterrier as well. And yes, we saw Bubo.

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Have you seen the original?

I watched it before I started to familiarize myself. Got about halfway through it and kind of nodded off, to be honest. I think it's a bit, you know, corny. You know, the messages aren't kind of relevant to now. I think the performances are a bit, you know, tame. And there's stop-motion, which to be honest, is good, you know? Harryhausen, for what he did and how he did it - I read a book on him - it's quite incredible. But, you know, the only reason to do [a remake] - it's not Casablanca, to be honest. It's worthy of a remake. And especially with the technology we have nowadays to bring it up a bit, turn it up to an eleven.