Okay, maybe that slug above is an exaggeration. Chances are if you're already putting smoke into your lungs, a little horror movie about a particular strain of marijuana that turns its users into bloodthirsty maniacs probably isn't going to warn you away from your Legalize It! campaign. Plus, I doubt that's the intent of British filmmaker Rhys Dyer, anyway, as it's pretty clear from the KillerWeed teaser that Dyer is ripping open the throats of potheads for fun.

Unfortunately for us, it'll be a while before KillerWeed is anything but a trailer. Dyer and friends put together this rather moody bit of promo material (which is technically not a teaser, but an "investment trailer") to drum up support for a feature. If they can get the ball rolling (Eden Lake producer Richard Holmes is apparently currently interested), they're hoping to film it this summer.

Check out the film's brief synopsis and then enjoy the trailer below.

"Trendy twenty-somethings Mackie and Ollie lead an unambitious life on the Isle of Man, passing their days smoking weed and resenting the local chavs. But when a crop of their homegrown marijuana turns the locals into zombies, their lives take a dramatic change of direction..."
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