'The Ghost Writer,' Roman Polanski's adaptation of Robert Harris' bestseller 'The Ghost,' is a political thriller about a hack writer (Ewan McGregor) hired to finish "ghosting" the memoirs of former British prime minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan.)

What seems like a plum gig becomes less so when Lang is accused of war crimes by a former cabinet member and McGregor's character finds out that his predecessor -- the ghost who started the memoir job -- died under mysterious circumstances.

Much of the hubbub surrounding the movie concerns the legendary director's own predicament (he's currently under house arrest in Switzerland for having sex with a minor in 1977) and its parallels to that of the disgraced prime minister. Adding to the intrigue is the unmistakable resemblance between Brosnan's character and actual former PM Tony Blair.

Critics are generally quite impressed with 'The Ghost Writer,' citing Polanski's expert manipulation of mood and strong performances by the cast (which also includes Olivia Williams,Kim Cattrall,Tom Wilkinson and Timothy Hutton), though a few found the film uneven and less than inspiring. Here's a sampling of the reviews:
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