The Capucin monk, Ambrosio, is a respected servant of God, but he slowly becomes undone by his carnal lust for one of his pupils, who happens to be a woman in disguise. She is eventually revealed to be a nefarious agent for Satan who has been summoned to orchestrate Ambrosio's downfall. French-German director Dominik Moll will be helming this story, which stars Vincent Cassel as Ambrosio.

The Monk is set in 18th century Madrid and also stars Deborah Francois (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life), Sergi Lopez (Leaving) and Geraldine Chaplin (The Orphanage). Was anyone else hoping Cassel's gorgeous and equally talented wife, Monica Bellucci, would be playing the satanic vixen? Still, I love watching the sinister and enigmatic Cassel on the big screen. He just finished Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, co-starring Nathalie Portman.

Matthew Lewis' Gothic novel of the same name provides the basis for the film. If you dig this story I would highly recommend checking out Antonin Artaud's version of The Monk. The differences are minimal but Artaud's twists to the story are demented and beautiful as always. Artaud has some experience as a monk himself in Carl Theodor Dreyer's stunning, landmark film, The Passion of Joan of Arc.
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