When I first heard that Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock were piecing together a documentary on Comic-Con, or, more specifically, three super geeks who are attending Comic Con, I immediately thought of that MTV True Life episode called "I'm a Fanboy". If you're not familiar with True Life, it's actually one of MTV's better shows in that it tackles a wide array of fascinating topics by following around three (or sometimes 2) young-ish people living a particular lifestyle -- from being homeless to polyamorous to addicted to video games to being a fanboy and everything in between.

To this day their "I'm a Fanboy" episode remains one of my favorites, because it really captured those awkward teenage moments in a way that was so real it almost hurt to watch. Trapped in the middle of these moments were young kids (or fanboys) who were obsessed with and extremely passionate about (among other things) Power Rangers, horror films and World of Warcraft. The one kid, Jason, stood out the most. He's this somewhat shy, awkward and skinny 26-year-old who is probably one of the world's biggest Power Ranger fans. Over the course of the program, we follow Jason to conventions, to toy stores and to the house of a girl he has a crush on, who, from what I remember, was like 17 or thereabouts.