As I confessed in Jenni's "Date Movie Disasters" post earlier this month, I have a thing for Cyborg. It's one of my favorite cheesy action films, and my late '90s date movie of choice. But I've long since neglected it -- the old, battered vhs was pushed into a closet somewhere as the disc world took over, and it wasn't until this month that I finally picked it up on DVD. Time, and I must say -- better film taste, haven't tarnished my love, and in fact, have re-sparked my appreciation not only for classic Van Damme, but the killer, serious, slow-motion walk.

Where the slow clap has become a terrible moment of cinema better left in the past, there's still magic in the serious, slo-mo walk. In Cyborg, when that apocalyptic '80s music plays and Fender walks forward with his shiny, metal duds, freakishly blue eyes, and a huge posse of dirty, beefy baddies, I was immediately catapulted to the first time I watched it. I've seen a lot of chilling scenes since that first time, but Fender still takes the cake on the slo-mo walking menace.

Perhaps it's because Vincent Klyn was definitely chosen for his muscle-bound, creepy exterior and fight moves rather than menacing acting ability, just as Van Damme was chosen for his ability to make splits a menacing act. But I think most of it's due to that dirty, apocalypse-ravaged gang walking forward. Where many cinematic slo-mo walks quickly become goofy or campy, this one still evokes that feeling of helpless desperation, only topped by young Haley nestling against the arm of the man who killed her family.

But Cyborg is just one of many. What's your favorite serious slow-motion walk?
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