We all want to see Ethan Hawke go back to the role of Jesse Wallace and tell us what happened with dear French Celine. We're still suffering the after-effects of that damn cliffhanger, but would you settle for Hawke, Paris, and a different leading lady? Variety reports that Hawke will star alongside Kristin Scott Thomas in a new indie thriller called The Woman in the Fifth, adapted by Douglas Kennedy's book of the same name, to be helmed by Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski.

In a completely appropriate bit of typecasting, Hawke will play an American film lecturer at a small university. When a sex scandal costs him his job, marriage, and life, he flees to Paris and "takes up with a widow who might be involved in a series of murders." According to the Amazon summary, she's dark and mysterious, and he finds himself in trouble when those who have done him wrong start to get punished.

So, we've got Hawke being his usual wordy self -- maybe Troy Dyer 16 years later? -- plus the treat of having him act opposite Scott Thomas as a potential killer? I'm so in. Yeah, typecasting can be bad at all, but there are few actors out there, especially in his age bracket, who can pull off verbose and whimsical intelligence like Ethan Hawke.
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