Nothing will ever come between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Not Bennifer, not Gigli, not a Best Supporting Actor nomination, not competing as to which of their films had better Morgan Freeman performances. At least, that's the story we can write here and now that they've decided to reenact 1997. If you don't think it gets cozier than a first look deal, than how about the fact they're reportedly planning to play baseball together and swap screen wives?

With The Trade in mind, I thought I'd help them out and write up five friendly movie pitches they could take on. We don't want them to really resort to making Dogma 2: Angels Strike Back or Good Will Hunting 2. But there's no reason why they can't be this generation's Paul Newman and Robert Redford, and just keep playing the bromance game in a variety of different settings. There's plenty of famous friends that are begging to bring their arcs to the big screen, and if there's one thing an onscreen relationship needs, it's the offscreen chemistry that can only come from winning Oscars and making Kevin Smith cameos together.

Because I like the idea of these two in costume, I've chosen to stick to historical friendships. Hopefully, Cinematical readers can pitch in with a few fictional ones just to keep things interesting.
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