I know it's hard to think of anything but Donnie Darko when it comes to the menacing rabbit head on the poster for Jorge Jaramillo and Luis Fernando Mora's Columbian indie film, Juega Conmigo (Play With Me), but the new teaser trailer promises more beyond the cellar door.

The film stars Martin Duarte, Johanna Riva, Ana Sanchez, Luis Carlos Chaves, Andres Felipe Hurtado and goes into production later this year. There are very few details known so far, but the story has been vaguely described involving a world of living childlike nightmares. Ok we'll take that and like it. From what little I can see, the dark dreamscape is reminiscent of scenes in The Cell.

Check out the teaser trailer after the jump and stay with us for more info coming soon.

[thanks to Dread Central for the trailer]
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