Kristen Stewart
, star of the upcoming drama The Yellow Handkerchief, told reporters that she's unsure exactly what her next project will be, but thinks that Breaking Dawn, the fourth Twilight installment, will start shooting later this year. "Probably November," she revealed Thursday during a roundtable interview in Los Angeles. "But I don't know if it's going to be one or two [movies]."

In the last several weeks rumors abounded that the next installment of the blockbuster film series would be broken into two parts. Stewart confessed that she thought it would be a good idea given the volume of material in Stephenie Meyer's book. "I can't imagine they wouldn't want [to make two]," she said. "The story so completely warrants two films and it would be really disappointing to have to be able to go, okay, we have to lose this sequence and this scene and this sequence. So I would like to do two movies, but I to be completely honest don't know what they're going to do."

The Yellow Handkerchief, which also stars William Hurt, Eddie Redmayne and Maria Bello, opens in limited release on February 26, 2010.
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