Some like it dastardly, including producer Grant Turck who has optioned the rights to the satirical guidebook for men, How to Succeed With Women Without Really Trying: The Dastard's Guide to the Birds and Bees. Dax Shelby and Robert Stevens are in talks to pen the script and producer/literary manager, Eva Lontscharitsch, is partnering with Turck through his production outfit.

The book that sounds like it was written by the Mad Men team is actually written by the late author Shepherd Mead (he was an advertising consultant for a spell) whose work includes a host of other satirical guides like the Broadway/film adapted, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. How to Succeed With Women, published in 1957, includes chapters like How to Be Irresistible in Short Pants and How to Select the First Wife--poking fun at the lunacy that often colors male and female relationships.

Turck told THR, "Mead's manual is a catchy and clever satire full of subversive and wacky advice that often has a wickedly funny ring of truth about it. In terms of tone, we're developing the film to have the feel of a modern Billy Wilder romantic comedy."

If Turck can channel the right screwball romantic comedy vibe, he might have a winner on his hands. It's a little disheartening that writers Shelby and Stevens are in development on another romantic comedy, A Family Affair, with Sarah Jessica Parker attached to star. If their story is fitting for Parker's regurgitated sweetie pie routine, can we expect the same kind of watered down snoozefest for Women? This is where I start hoping that someone will option The Carefully Considered Rape of the World: A Novel about the Unspeakable, Mead's other story about the mass fertilization of earth's women by baboon-like extraterrestrials.
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