Sometimes fandom brings pain, and in the case of Owen Wilson, that pain comes in the form of a large and slobbering great dane. But if that whole Marmaduke thing just turns you off (as well as that Meet the Fockers sequel), and Fantastic Mr. Fox wasn't enough to comfort your hurt Wilson fandom, this next bit of news should please you. According to THR'sRisky Business, Owen Wilson has been cast in Woody Allen's next film, which will shoot in Paris this summer.

Currently untitled -- as Allen's films always are -- the project already got the surprising news that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the first lady of France and a former supermodel/singer-songwriter, would also have a role. No title, no plot, no look into the characters, but that doesn't mean that there isn't something to speculate about. What's prompted Allen to pick the non-actress Bruni-Sarkozy? She's beautiful, but it's not every day that a reputable filmmaker's first casting announcement for a new film is the wife of President, who has no acting experience. And Wilson -- this is the first live-action gig of his that promises something notable since The Darjeeling Limited. Although it's fair assumption this will be on the Larry David side of Allen's male characterizations, rather than the Javier Bardem side.

What do you make of this cast list? Is Woody Allen just what Owen Wilson needs?
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