What would it take for Ben Affleck (and possibly even Matt Damon) to abandon their Boston Red Sox jerseys and don Yankee stripes? Nothing less than a big movie at Warner Bros, their new first look home. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Affleck has become attached to direct and possibly star in The Trade, based on a true story about some sexually free Yankees.

Those of a particular age probably remember the 1970s scandal of the Yankees' Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich who were best friends on and off the field. Especially off. Being the 1970s, everyone was experimenting in all kinds of ways, and the Peterson and Kekich family decided to wife-swap. (Ever wonder why they don't call it husband swap? Wife-swapping sounds like it belongs in ancient Sparta. "Borrow my wife for sex, my good friend! Then you will bear a strong son!") They never hid their new lifestyle from the public, provoking Family Day jokes from General Manager Lee McPhail, and boos from audiences. There's a semi-happy ending to the story, as Peterson married Susanne Kekich and they had four children. Kekich and Marilyn Peterson split. Someone more familiar with the players will have to tell me if the men are still friends or not.

The Trade was initially bogged down by legal issues, but Dave Mandel is now penning the script. Richard Linklater was reportedly interested in directing, but Affleck has staked a directorial claim. He's also interested in playing Peterson and DHD says that Damon may play Kekich. It sounds like a late night joke waiting to happen, but isn't this just what you expected when their reunion became public?
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