One of the best parts about writing for Cinematical is getting to chat with our great community of movie lovers, and it's high time we involved you more in our rants and raves. As we shared earlier today on our Official Twitter Feed, Cinematical is starting up a weekly Movie Club, which will run alongside Club adventures at SciFi Squad and Horror Squad, as well as Moviefone's already established Oscars Movie Club.

Each site is tackling things a little differently; for Cinematical, I'll be writing to you weekly about different beloved classics and new discoveries that we can all chat about together. I'll alert you to the next film a week before, and the following week we'll dig into each film with discussion, questions, and wordy, movie-loving fun. Those of you who know me well won't be surprised by the inaugural choice: Michael Lehmann and Daniel Waters' Heathers. Hey, it's a great film to talk about, and just a great film overall. If you haven't seen this cult classic yet -- now is your chance!

Hit the jump for more of an introduction and other particulars.