You may have noticed that we've started a new feature around these here Moviefone-owned parts, but if you haven't, we're kicking off Movie Clubs here at Sci-Fi Squad as well as Horror Squad and Cinematical (Moviefone already has an Oscars watching club you can join in). Obviously there's no cost of membership, we're just here to show off our particular taste in film while hopefully fostering some interesting discussions in the process.

It'll go a little something like this. Before the weekend arrives one of the Sci-Fi Squad writers is going to hand pick a special bit of sci-fi cinema to be talked about the following week. Anyone who wants to jump in on the discussion then has the weekend to watch said pick and then return back here for collected thoughts as well as specific points of discussion. Sound good? I hope so, because we're moving ahead with it, anyway (though obviously we're open to suggestions as how to improve the process).

Feel free to hop over to Cinematical for Monika's weekly picks or Horror Squad (where we'll also be switching up who picks, though I also happen to be behind this week's movie over there as well) if you'd like to spread around the genre flavors. As for Sci-Fi Squad, this weekend we'll be watching...
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