Disney's getting into the goth biz. Wait, let me be more clear: "goth" biz. It might seem out of character for the Mouse House. They are the center in a land of fairy tale princesses, cuddly beasts, and romantic, rosy-cheeked perfection. But this is also the company that has haunted mansions and nightmares before Christmas, and took bloody and sadistic fairy tales and turned them into cheery examples of happily ever after.

As the Wall Street Journal reports: "Walt Disney Co.'s consumer-products division is aiming its marketing firepower at young women and teenage girls, particularly those who gravitate to darkly romantic entertainment like the Twilight series." For Alice in Wonderland(which just released its first clip - watch it after the jump)they're zeroing in on Hot Topic with jewelry, shirts, and other baubles while a Los Angeles location is becoming a miniature Wonderland. There will be a mingle-with-the-stars event for fans, and "goth-pop" bands from the soundtrack will provide the tuneage. And all that's along side marketing for the wealthy tykes who can grab things like $1,000 necklaces at Neiman Marcus. And if Disney's Consumer Products Chairman Andy Mooney has his way: "the chances are that the aesthetic will live on for a couple years" -- if buyers are not "fashion fickle." What about goth fickle?

It's hard to really chastise the ridiculousness of all this, since it's less of a jump than Sleeping Beauty's cannibalistic ogre roots turning into song, dance, and fairies, but I just love them calling it "goth." Having a knife doesn't make you a chef or crocodile dundee, and liking a Tim Burton movie doesn't make you an icon of all things gothic. And here we tried to wrap our head around the idea of Twilight being considered goth.

Is this the start of a long history of "goth" ever after?
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