Last year we got one but two separate video games based on the film Righteous Kill, but they may have passed you by. (Unless you read this blog.) They were "casual" games, more specifically "hidden object games," or as geeks call them, HOGs. You know the basic drill: You're given a list of items that you must find or combine, and then you click through a bunch of cluttered scenes in search for your items.

With very few exceptions ... I don't really like "hidden object" games. Even the best and shiniest ones are pretty much the same old thing, which is why it's probably pretty easy to make a HOG fit any movie. (Find the missing comic books in the Mallrats mall!) And if you doubt the popularity of these games, check out this gigantic list from Big Fish Games, one of the better casual game outlets I've used. The "hidden object" gimmick has been used for two Righteous Kill games, and a few others have been concocted from Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe, James Patterson, Jules Verne, Pretty in Pink, CSI, Murder She Wrote, The Tudors, and now ... Shutter Island.

Click right here to download the hour-long free trial. The full version costs seven bucks, and here's what you'll get: A clunky re-telling of the flick's central tale, complete with pop-ups from Ben Kingsley and Mark Ruffalo, who offer handy tips like "help me search for all the files," and "why don't you go outside and find a lantern in the garden"? The gameplay is standard HOG material: no uber-clicking or your screen gets fuzzy; you get a flashlight hint every few minutes; several of the items you find must be combined with other items, etc. But the graphics are fairly high-end, and there's some pretty creepy music, so if you loved Shutter Island and you have a (free) hour to kill, feel free to click around the asylum for yourself.