It's a question that mortifies the young movie geeks and sometimes stymies even the old veterans: What's the best movie you never saw? And by that I mean this: a film that you know is a "classic," that thousands of people adore, and that you'd probably enjoy yourself ... remains unseen by your eyes to this very day.

Could be something as obvious as Casablanca or Gone with the Wind. Perhaps it's something foreign, new wave-ish or film noir-y, and therefore it doesn't feel all that accessible. (Watch it anyway.) Might be a more recent favorite like The Usual Suspects, The Shawshank Redemption, or (gasp) the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

One good way to figure out which highly-regarded films you've missed is by rating the films you HAVE seen at Flickchart. After a few thousand votes you'll have an interesting list of films you've never seen, and ranked by popularity, as well.

But this post was never meant to be a free plug for Flickchart. It's a sincere question to all of the hardcore movie-watchers out there. Which Oscar winner / AFI list-topper / fan favorite are you most embarrassed at having overlooked? I'll even get us started. Ahem. "My name is Scott Weinberg, and I'm a movie geek, site manager, and film critic who thinks he knows sooooo much about everything -- but the best movie I've never seen is probably (pause for dramatic effect) It Happened One Night."

Hey, that felt kinda good. Who's next?
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