As any movie lover knows, there are so many films to watch, and so little time to do it in. I look on my Netflix queue in despair, wondering how I'll ever manage to watch all of those Criterion selections, or how to divide my time between the good and gloriously trashy. The indecision is enough to drive me to read a book instead. (And how many of those do I find time for? Ugh.) More often than not, I want to go back and watch something I've seen before and loved. But then a really odd thing happens -- I find it very difficult to go back and watch the movies I really love. The Fellowship of the Ring, The Fountain, Doctor Zhivago, Braveheart -- these are films that sit on my shelf waiting for me to watch them again. I watch them maybe once or twice a year. Three times if I really make an effort.

I don't really understand my own thought process behind it. I tell myself that it's because they're films that are (for me) kind of momentous to watch. It has to be the right time and I have to be in the right mood. Part of me feels like I also have to be sparing with the films I love. It's as though I have to limit my intake of films I consider truly special in order to keep them that way. Perhaps I even fear that I'll love it less if I watch it all the time. I'll notice flaws, or something will happen in the process of watching it that'll ruin it for me. (Haven't you ever heard a piece of music or watched a movie during a rotten time that you now loathe by association?)
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