Even if you're a longtime fan of an actor or filmmaker, it's often difficult to see all or even most of his or her work. For example, I spent most of the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in college trying to watch every movie Woody Allen had anything to do with, went to the lengths of tracking down a couple of titles from VHS recordings on A&E (this was '94, mind you), and still missed a couple of them. Suffice it to say this seems more difficult with older performers than contemporary ones, where there are fewer opportunities to see new entries in theaters, at least initially. But sometimes even the most devout cinephiles can't find the time or just the titles to get through an entire filmography.

Last week, Warner Home Video offered Clint Eastwood fans (and soon-to-be-fans) at least a partial solution to this problem: 35 Films 35 Years collects virtually all of the actor-director's films over the past four decades at the studio, and packages it according to subject matter, theme and Eastwood "era." And even if the set (understandably) skips many of the seminal works Eastwood made for other studios, there have been few collections released in the history of home video that offer a more expansive and thorough look at any filmmaker's body of work.
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