One of the most highly anticipated Xbox 360 titles this year is Alan Wake, a third-person psychological horror game that seems like it's been in development for a lifetime. Developers Remedy (the guys behind the Max Payne titles) have given us a new look at the title in the form a five-minute long gameplay trailer (courtesy of you can check out after the jump.

My early reactions are that the game still looks amazing. The visuals are atmospheric, the sound is spot on, the animation looks smooth, and the gameplay appears to be engaging. If this trailer is indicative of the final product, 360 owners should be pleased when this game launches on May 18th.

Alan Wake focuses on the title character, an author who travels to the town of Bright Falls with his wife Alice. She goes missing, and Wake finds himself trapped in a nightmarish world where it appears as though the events in his latest novel are happening around him. The game gives off a very In the Mouth of Madness vibe, which is a movie I adore, so I'm totally in on this one.

Jump past the break to see the game in action.
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