It takes a special kind of fan to travel across the globe to unite with fellow xyz movie lovers and revel in their geekdom over said film.
For me, it's the TV series, Twin Peaks. And now Goonies fans will have the opportunity to spend four glorious days in Astoria, Oregon to mingle with fellow fiends and visit film locations, meet some of the cast and watch special movie screenings. Jeez, has it really been 25 years?

The Goonies 25th Anniversary Event kicks off on Friday, June 4 and right in the same city where the group of friends from the "Goon Docks" neighborhood set off on a kooky adventure. Yeah, the city of Astoria 'ain't no fool, they've been embracing the fandom for quite some time. At the 20 year mark, the city held a community-wide event similar to the upcoming one, but now they're hoping to make it even bigger and better. If you don't want to take a tour of the filming sites or the Goonies house, then there's always the option to participate in the "Truffle Shuffle" 5k Run/Walk or guzzle hand-crafted "Goonies" beers created by local breweries. Cast members attending include Corey Feldman (and his hair), Curt Hanson and others to be announced soon. It's all on the website, so check it out.

To get yourself in the mood, listening to this music is essential.
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