Agnieszka Wotowicz-Vosloo's latest horror-thriller, After.Life, has drawn Liam Neeson, Christina Ricci and Justin Long to its cast for a story about, well, the after life. Anchor Bay snagged the title last month and just announced that the film will receive a limited theatrical release on April 9.

After Anna (Ricci) endures a horrific car accident, she wakes up on a mortician's (Neeson) table unsure if she's actually dead or alive. He tries to convince her she is in transition for the after life and he is the only one who can help her cross over. Anna's boyfriend Paul (Long) is not convinced of Anna's finality and tries to save her before she is quite possibly buried alive.

No word yet on a DVD release date, but in the meantime check out the exclusive stills from After.Life that we premiered back in August to wet your palette. Seeing this title pop up during Shutter Island's opening weekend and the ruckus surrounding Berlins' screening of The Killer Inside Me has me wondering how many of you are instantly suspicious when bigger talent is cast in a horror film? Are blockbuster names an immediate repellent for you? Discuss.
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