Well, the inaugural Horror Squad Movie Club kicked off this past weekend with Eduardo Sanchez' rednecks-kidnap-an-alien flick Altered. Judging from people's reactions in the comments and on Twitter (thanks for using the #hsmovieclub hash tag, by the way) most people seemed to have never seen it and enjoyed it for the most part, so mission accomplished (though I do think it's safe to say I still love it more than most).

Unlike my pick for the Sci-Fi Squad Movie Club, Altered States, I don't particularly have any discussion questions for the group. I do, on the other hand, have a few aspects of the film I'd like to spotlight beyond basics like performances and overall package (it's a shame this ended up straight-to-DVD considering how consistently above average the whole production is).

If you're still susceptible to Altered spoilers, it's best to turn away now.
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