For some, the fact that Atari games are being mined for potential big-budget motion picture franchises signals some kind of death of creativity in Hollywood. For me, I see it as business as usual, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit there's a part of me that actually gets a little excited over the announcement of things like an Asteroids movie. It taps directly into my personal nostalgia vein, and the sci-fi fan (and kid in me) wonders if we'll get to see the amazing 1980's cartridge art brought to life.

According to the L.A. Times, Fox is looking to adapt Atari's Missile Command into some sort of 3-D action/adventure film. The simple game, in which players use a tiny cross-hair to stop a never-ending rain of missiles from destroying pixelated cities, is basically a clean slate for a sci-fi film. All any filmmakers needs to keep are the constant threat of missiles (and some form of commanding, I guess) and the rest is theirs to make-up as they go along.

All I hope is that they keep the guy in the mushroom helmet and orange jumpsuit featured on the original cartridge.

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