Director Mark Hartley (Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story Of Ozploitation!) recently revealed plans to remake the work of fellow Aussie filmmaker, Richard Franklin (Pyscho II, Road Games), by revamping his cult flick, Patrick. Hartley is currently working on a documentary, Machete Maidens Unleashed, which explores the bizarre world of Filipino exploitation movies made during the Marcos era and the their influence upon American filmmakers shooting in the Philippines during the same time. Patrick will take the director back to Australia for a story about a man who uses telekinesis to control those around him.

The original 1978 Patrick revolves around the title character, played by Robert Thompson, who after murdering his mother and her lover several years ago, winds up comatose in a hospital. He falls in love with his nurse, Kathy (Susan Penhaligon), and uses his powers of telekinesis to control the men in her life. Awww, love.

Hartley plans on shooting the remake after he wraps up Machete Maidens and spoke to Fangoria more about his intentions for the remake:

"We're sort of giving it a creepier, Gothic flavor, very much in a similar style to The Orphanage," says Hartley. "There's much more of a backstory for Dr. Roget, and Patrick has dream sequences and flashbacks where he's out of the bed. We don't want to turn Patrick into Freddy Krueger; we like to think of it as a love story with a body count. The great thing about the original was the fact that here's a guy with unlimited powers, but all he wants to do is use them to manipulate the events in that nurse's life to make her fall in love with him. So we've kept that central premise and really upped the ante."

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