As an unashamed supporter of indie golden-child Paranormal Activity (review), I snagged a copy of the DVD as soon as I could. Lacking even a basic menu screen (the only options you're given are theatrical or original ending) and devoid of anything resembling a special feature, I turned it off halfway through when the picture, which was being viewed on a massive hi-def TV, was so dark I could barely make heads or tails of what was going on. I have yet to watch it again.

This is okay, however, as those fine folks over at Dread Central have brought to my attention a forthcoming UK DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film featuring all those delightful special features we've been aching to see. Not only do we get an exclusive UK-only audio commentary from director Oren Peli, but we also get an exclusive audio commentary for the alternate ending that appeared on my coaster of a DVD.

Although this commentary is sure to be incredibly eye-opening, the final feature seems to me to be the most interesting. When the film was playing in the UK, Icon Home Entertainment sponsored a "Film Your Own Paranormal Activity" Short Film competition, challenging fans to make their own haunting films using the same techniques Peli did to create his massive hit. Although all of the short films can be found on YouTube, the UK edition of the DVD will feature the ten finalists' videos, as well as a video introduction by Oren Peli explaining why the winning video was chosen.

I don't even own a Blu-Ray player, or even a TV, and I'm excited as all Hell about this. Hey, the movie is great, and I will support it until the sun goes out.
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