Though his career never exactly exploded following the American Pie films, Seann William Scott still managed to carve out a little corner for himself and, as such, continues to find steady work in some pretty funny films (The Promotion and Role Models, to name two recent comedies well worth your time). Now, not only has Kevin Smith seen enough to re-team with Scott on his next film, but there's also talk of Stifler returning to the big screen in that American Pie sequel we told you about last week.

During the press junket for Cop Outover the weekend, Kevin Smith revealed to that Seann William Scott will star in his next film,Hit Somebody, about a hockey player in the '70s who's more well known for his fighting skills than hockey skills. Meanwhile, Scott revealed the same thing to Coming Soon, saying "I grew up playing hockey, which is good because the character's not supposed to be a great player, he's a great fighter, so it's a really amazing film. He's writing it right now and he asked me about a month ago to do it and I'm like 'for sure.' I can skate okay, I'll definitely have to practice... but I can fight."

The film, which is based on the Warren Zevon hockey song, will mark a return for Smith to both writing and directing after only helming Cop Out off someone else's script (a first for Smith). The filmmaker also revealed to Coming Soon that he's "going for the Forest Gump of sports movies, but not in terms of visual effects, but it takes place through many different eras." Knowing how passionate Smith is about the sport, there's a very good chance this could turn out to be his best film in years.
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