I've definitely been lucky in the years that I've been involved with Cinematical in that I never once came across a celebrity who treated me poorly in person. Of course, some are friendlier than others -- and when the press are involved, they're usually on their best behavior -- but that doesn't mean all celebrities are warm, approachable and, like, totally down with becoming your new best friend. The Frisky decided to put together a list of the 14 Celebs Who Are Jerks In Person, based on anonymous accounts from people (most of whom appear to be press) who've come into contact with a celebrity and did not have a pleasurable experience.

The list isn't ranked, but among those featured are Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Gosling, Michael Pitt (who I met briefly and will agree with their claims that he was completely spaced out), Ludacris, Danny Glover ("he punched my friend, who's an AP photographer, in the face"), Bill Cosby ("Bill thought that my questions were stupid because at one point he condescendingly asked me which college I went to"), Michael Showalter, Henry Rollins and more. In addition to those mentioned, the comments section is littered with more names -- like Jared Leto (who sat in front of me at a Sundance screening and then got up to move down a row after someone near me mentioned his name) and Will Ferrell ("all of my friends that have met him say that he's a jerk").

With every negative, there's always a positive, though, so maybe the above mentioned celebs were just having a bad day. What do you think? Have you ever had a bad experience meeting a celebrity in person? And afterwards, did you then stop watching his or her films?
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