There's a new generation of giallo filmmakers who are continuing to expand upon the genre's presence, in Italy and beyond. Giallo is ever growing and evolving but has always been a hybrid of genres, most notably, horror, thriller and detective story. Stylish and seductive, giallo is an elaborate and symbolic exploration into a world of dreams and nightmares and one filmmaker, Davide Melini, hopes to carry on the genre's tradition in his own unique way with his latest film, The Sweet Hand of the White Rose. This project comes not long after a successful short, The Puzzle. There's more on that after the jump.

"You Cannot Run from Fate," reads the tagline on the new one sheet for White Rose and from the look of things so far it doesn't seem like I'd want to. The film was written, directed and produced by Melini over the course of about a year and stars Carlos Bahos, Natasha Machuca and Leocricia Sabán. When Mark (Bahos) and his girlfriend (Sabán) get into a heated argument he takes off in his car not realizing that he will soon make a mistake that will change his life forever. The former Assistant Director for giallo legend, Dario Argento, shot the 16 minute film in Spain on a budget of only 2000 Euros (about $2,700).

Hit the jump for The Sweet Hand of the White Rose trailer, the full length short film The Puzzle, and my review.
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