When I fired up the old laptop today I was a little ashamed to notice that when it came to brainstorming a topic for today's discussion, I was coming up empty, and since I never like to complain about a slow news day, I was fresh out of good excuses for my lack of creativity. But luckily for me, it never takes long for my mind to wander, and as my eyes traveled to the bulging bookcase in the corner of the room that is my 'entertainment center' I wondered, if someone who didn't know me were to walk into my place right now and head straight for that shelf, what kind of person would they think I was?

Our pop culture tastes say a lot about us. If you don't believe me, take a look at dating profiles or a social networking page, and the one question they always ask is: what are your favorite films, books, or bands? Our tastes act as a 'shorthand' to explain how we like to see ourselves and how we want the world to see us. But we all know there is the image and then there is the reality, because hey, nobody wants to be 'on' 24hrs a day..OK, maybe Lady Gaga. But us regular folk don't, and when it's all said and done: we like what we like, and when it's just us and the DVD player, we all have our dirty little secrets.

After the jump; a little arm-chair psychology and what I think my shelves say about me...
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