We're still several months away from Halloween -- and still a whole two months away from the theatrical release of Iron Man 2 -- but even so I think it's fair to say that folks will be looking to dress up as their favorite Iron Man 2 character once the time comes. Hell, the characters of Whiplash and Black Widow are both ripe for exploring in all sorts of freak-ish ways. Our friends over at the Costume Craze Blog have alerted us to images of the first batch of Iron Man 2 costumes to hit the web, and while your 10-year-old nephew will totally fight you to the death for a chance to wear that War Machine costume, something tells me the male adults in the audience will immediately try to coerce their significant other into showing off that sexy, fake leather-ific Black Widow outfit (the Ironette one is kinda lame, though).

The more macho guys in the audience might want to check out the pretty slick Whiplash costume, which at first glance doesn't seem to include weird black-gray rocker hair and sun-sprayed rock-hard abs (I believe those are sold separately). He does lose points for those silly plastic strings as far as weapons go. Yeah, in the movie they're all electric lightning-like and creepy, but in costume form they're pretty ridiculous. According to the site, the costumes will be able to be pre-ordered soon. In the meantime ... stop staring at that Black Widow costume model!

So who's buying one?
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